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Have You Ever Been Stranded With A Dead Battery??
Window Transforms Into A Cozy, Sun-Soaked Balcony
Permaculture Author Toby Hemenway On Flowing Toward Abundance
Lake In The Northwest Territories In Canada Falls Off Cliff In Sign Of Changing Climate
Soper Farms Triples Net Income Switching From GMO Crops to Organic
Would Your Spouse Live The Off-Grid Lifestyle?
Turning Sand into fuel - Silicone oil as an energy carrier
New Grocery Store Lets You Buy Health Food For the Price of Fast-Food
Off Grid Living: Solar Myths Debunked
The Ranch Foods Direct: An Alternative Food System For Smaller Farmers
After Visiting 100 Off-Grid Homes, This is the Barebones Truth About Life in the Pathless Woods
Living Life on the Homestead and Off the Grid
Turn A Shipping Pallet Into A Christmas Tree For The Front Porch
Love Fresh Coconuts? Hate Opening Them?
Minimalist Toaster: Made From a Cinder Block, Rebar Rods, and a Piece of Wood
So, You Wanna Live Off-Grid?
Select the best type of fence for your farm with this fencing guide.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers help two Bucks stuck and tangled with wire
60 Year Old Footage Discovered About... Parachuting Beavers?!!
Why not let the cows pump their own water? It's not so difficult.
GM soy produces less than non-GMO
Ecolise: Working towards a Europe of dynamic, resilient communities
Amazing! Patagonia Landscapes are breathtaking (video)
Toxic pesticide banned on genetically engineered crops
Little Girl Feeds Crows; In Return, They Bring Her Gifts
Natural Laundry Products: Homemade Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softeners and More
Eco-Friendly floating prefab homes
The Beauty of a Natural Pool - 26 Custom Sights to Behold
Director James Cameron’s wife opened first all-vegan school as he filmed Avatar
Stockpiling For Winter: How To Survive If The Electricity Goes Out
How drought laden farmers are coping in tough times
Using Modern Tech To Develop Super-efficient sustainable pre-fab housing designs
Charge your phone with a home-made mud oven
Why raise Chickens? Everything you need to know.
Family Home’s Library Slide Lets Kids Slip Right Into a Good Book
Scientists Call For Governments To Ban Glyphosate
18th Century Cooking: How to Build an Earthen Oven.
Police Officer Rescues A Donkey On The Loose
New Trampled Snow Art from Simon Beck
Fire & Ice: A Walk Inside an Ice Cave Next to the Mutnovsky Volcano in Northern Russia
Asian Honey: Banned in Europe, Is Flooding U.S. Grocery Shelves
Lines out the door for Amys Organic Plant Based Drive Thru Restaurant
Beautiful Community Center in Yolotlán, México built with cob
Bob Fletcher Dies at 101: Helped Japanese-American Farmers
When languages die, ecosystems often die with them
The Peculiar Case of a Modern-Day Hermit
Jay Austin's Beautiful, Illegal Tiny House
210 Square Foot MODERN Tiny House- WITH NO LOFT!
Top 40 Useful Sites To Learn New Skills
120 Kindred Spirits on a 220 Acre Eco Village In Arizona
Permaculture Chicken Keeping
VIDEO: Smokestack collapse crushes excavator cab, somehow doesn’t kill operator
Canada woman faces 10 years in prison for giving pigs water on hot day
India unveils global solar alliance of 120 countries at Paris climate summit
I quit my development job and ate some humble pie: this is what I learned
What transformation in aid and development really looks like
Environmentalists in Sydney’s inner west are living off the grid to reduce their carbon footprint
Incredible Amphibious Ocean Going Vehicle: The Dobbertin Surface Orbite
NASA Got Sick of all that Conspiracy and Released over 8,000 Photos from the Apollo Moon Mission
Blazing Through The Swamps, A Day In The Everglades
Craftsmans Whimsical Off-Grid French Tiny House Hamlet
Off The Grid In The Middle Of The City, The Haydon Family In Sydney Shows Us How
Meet the woman leading China's new organic farming army
Our Coming Food Crisis
Foggy Forests of Ancient Trees Pruned for Charcoal in Basque Country
The Crooked Forest: A Mysterious Grove of 400 Oddly Bent Pine Trees in Poland
Since the 1970s a Man Has Been Planting a Forest Larger than Central Park, One Tree at a Time
Ikea’s Refugee Shelters Are a Game Changer
The True Story Of A Crazy Man Who Journeyed Around The World In An Amphibious Jeep For 10 Years
Off Grid Wisdom: One Man's Documentary About Living The Dream
Eco-Sustainable Restaurants In Rome
A Tale of Zoning Happily Ever After
Simply Home: A tiny cohousing community grows in Portland
How To Live Without Electricity – Part I
Opportunity Village: the stepping stone of transition into society.
'Ark' Is The Name Of This Beautiful Tiny House
Long-Term Food Storage Methods
5 Things You Didn't Know About Top-Bar Hives
Book your next Vacation: For this Christmas Go To Kenya On A Safari Expedition
Cool Farming: Growing Plants in Africa Without Soil (Video)
Beautiful Café In Japan Looks Like A Fairy Garden (In Pictures)
Where Is The Best Place In The U.S. To Begin Your Homestead?
Dog Fetches Lobsters From The Sea Floor
Invasive Earthworms: Affects on Native Soils
How to Find a Spring or Seep on your Off Grid Property
Tesla is voluntarily recalling every Model S on the road
Plastiki Plastic Bottle Boat Unveiled in San Francisco!
The Skinny on No-See-Ums
Malnutrition causing thousands of hospital admissions
Parking Garage That Will Double as a Playground in Copenhagen
Forests Drenched in Light and Fog
Volkswagen’s amazing baby stroller drives itself, brakes by itself
Eye-catching hexagonal buildings go up in a snap – no glue or welding required
Origami-like paper furniture creates portable rooms that can pop up anywhere
Guilt-Free plantable pencil made out of recycled coffee, tea and flower petals

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