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Special Places, Secret Spaces, and More Room To Grow
Tiny House Jumpstarts from $10,000 for a shell house
27 Examples Of Living Willow Fences In Use
10 Ways to make your Mobile Home more Energy Efficient
Look Out Dundee, Enter Duuuuuvy! Australia's Earthship Champion!
Getting Creative With Rain Gutters To Grow
Mortgage Free For Life - Becky's Homesteading Tips, and How She Built Her Log Cabin
Backyard farmers by necessity: self-sufficient & debt-free
The Smells Coming From The Dining Room Drew Me Through The Door
Casting Call - These Keep Coming At Me... So I'll Pass Em Along
If you happen to have a few Boeing 747 wings laying around, you might use them on your house...
A 31 Year Old Was Sick Of Expensive Rent And High Costs. What He Did Took Guts… But Look Inside.
40 Years Of Complete Isolation: Foustino In Patagonia
Composting Toilet Designs
Surviving The Wettest Winter - Reflection of a Low Impact Roundhouse Dweller
Building A Green Home On A Budget
At One Time It Was Legal To Mail Your Children
Dancing Rabbit Eco Village Missouri, U.S.A.
Patterson Straw Bale Cottage Build With Much Detail
DIY Free Evaporative Refrigerator: Keeping Food Cold In A Hot Desert For Free
How One Couple Built Their Log Cabin From The Land
EPA Threatens Welder Andy Johnson with $75,000 per day for home-made pond
Dramatic Video Captures Rebirth of Israel's River Zin After Years Of Drought
9 Things We Should Get Rid of to Help Our Kids
$300 Reclaimed Pallet Greenhouse Build
The Woodsman's Cottage - 6 Years Later
A Wee Bit O' Green! Happy St. Patricks Day!
Precious Moments - And A Day To Remember - 800,000 fans today
Hanging Beds - How To Build With Pipe And Wood
Simple Yet Amazing Rustic Furniture And DIY Video
Shipping container turned into family home: building blocks in Redwoods and Time Lapse
Alternative Spaces
Eco Homes: Living The Good Life
Swinging Bed Fixation - Oh So Nice
30 Photos Of Earth That Remind You Just How Ridiculously Beautiful It Can Be
Catching Rain! It's About Time I Did This!
Solar Shed With Rainwater Catchment
Derrick built his first tiny house at 10 years old to hide out and play video games
A Shipping Container - Push Button House
Tiny Spaces For Me
This Home Is Being Given Away For $1.00 To Whoever Wants It!
In The Heart Of Geneva It Grows Like No Others
DIY Air Conditioner To Keep Cool In Summertime
Pete Nelson, Ultimate Treehouses - Back To The Woods
Sleeping on the water - Overboard With Style
Historic 1928 Cozy Mountain Cabin Restored
Worlds First Quiet Treehouse
Steam Punk House On Wheels And Magical Creations
If You've Ever Thought About Going Solar, Watch This First
Solar Light Bulbs Making Nature Ravaged Life Better In Haiti and Turkey
Collapsible woven shelters powered by the sun could prove their worth
MIT finds 15-year-old scouring trash bins for parts. What he's built will leave you stunned.
Mongolian Yurt Camp In Norway for Team Building or Nature Retreat
It's Time For A Clean Up - 31 Backyard Showers - Rustic And Beautiful
Utility-Backed Anti-Solar Bill on the Move in Kansas Statehouse
Fighter Jet Fuel Tanks Were Dumped On Vietnam. Wait Til You See How They Use Them Today!
Pack Better, Travel Lighter, And Happy You Will Be
When You're Ready To Give Up Your Mortgage
Terraeden Biotecture Northern Rivers Build with Time Lapse Video
Spring Is Here! Turn The Clock Forward And Garden Up!
Who Needs The Power Grid When You Can Make Your Own?
Amazing Off Grid Life Shots By Our Readers And Their Friends
Inventor Of Earthship Shows Us A Better Way
Australia's First Earth Ship Build
Floating Villages in Halong Bay Vietnam
Coreen Bought A Car That Became Her Bad Day
Ohlala! Off The Grid In Norway
This Billboard In Lima Peru Is a Water Station That Pulls Water From Thin Air
Tiny Houses For The Homeless In Wisconsin
Worlds Cheapest Housing
Hmmm... What is this I got here?
A New Earthship Is Born In California!
Hmm Actually, I Think The Tiny House Movement Started Up North
Rustic Natural Log Lodge - An Amazing Natural Build
Tiny House People
My LIfe In An Off Grid Solar Powered Pyramid on $150 per month
Turning Bunnies Into.... Hats?
Farm for the Future
Bizarre TomTato Grows Tomatoes and Potatos On A Single Plant
Mountain Re-Shack: An Abandoned Outbuilding Becomes Home
Off Grid Kids - This is their story
The King Of Cob Builds A Cob
Solar And Wind Power - Off Grid Home In Flagstaff AZ Is Beautiful
The Pros And Cons Of Home Schooling
Arts And Crafts Time
How I downsized my life to 100 possessions
15 Year Old Harnesses Human Warmth As A Power Source
Redwood Poaching Prompts Park Closure At Night
Building A Beautiful Outhouse
Stained Glass? Well Not Quite.... But Still Beautiful
Heineken Building Brick Bottles
Home Office - Very Creative Space Savers
Shipping containers recycled into affordable, accessible Utah Homes
Introducing Windship: Typhoon Resistance Living
hOMe tiny house candidate for Sunset Magazine competition
1500 Underground Homes - Coober Pedy Australia - Cheaper And Efficient
Pallet House Build
The Ultimate Off Grid Paradise Still On The Market!
Using Poop To Heat Water.... and other great lessons in permaculture

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