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Helping the homeless one sandwich at a time
Social Experiment: Creating Awareness Wearing A Trash Suit For A Month
Sun Pumps can help get water where you need it
An Automatic Gate That Requires No Electricity
Spend Two Weeks In The Mountains And It Will Change Your Blood For Months!
Spinning Gravity Into Renewable Energy (Video)
Airplane Graveyard Called Home
Custom Tiny House Cabin with Curb Appeal
Convert Smart Phone Charger Into A Wireless Charger (How to Video)
Duckweed: How to grow and why
A Tiny Home & Farm In The Alaskan Bush: Full Tour (Video)
Off Grid Wilderness Living: Another Cozy Autumn In Tolsona
Dreamy Houses You Can Rent For A Last-Minute Getaway
Turn any wood stove into a rocket stove.
Fire ants create life raft to brave flood waters.
Couple travels from Canada to Chile in a Camper driven with recycled kitchen oil
Youtube User flies a drone 11,000 feet up
29 Amazing And Terrifying Trails
Lakeside Fire District Solar Install (Video)
Urine Powered Generator
Entire Town Helps Terminally Ill Farmer Harvest His Crops
Meet the composters on bikes: Food Scraps Hauling Service
Video Captures Moment Great White Shark Breaks Open Cage With Diver Inside
Douglas Everton and The Hot Buttered Nuggets: Vintage Americana
After Hurricane Matthew, the mountains of debris
Tree-Shaped Wind Turbines Produce Electricity
Purify water wherever you are with LifeStraw.
Silkworms Spin Super-Silk After Eating Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
Mini Mate Motorcycle Camper
Kites Could Soon Power An Entire Region of Scotland
102-Year-Old Woman Asked to be Arrested to Fulfill Her Bucket List
Cylindrical Treehouse Made with Sustainable Bamboo Is a Solar Powered Oasis
300 Sq Ft Mock-Up for adAPT NYC Dines 8, Sleeps 3
Man Leaves Office Job to Document His New Life as a Sheep Farmer in the Tuscan Hills
NASA-Inspired Indoor Garden Uses
How to convert a Van into an Off Grid Camper in 17 Days! (Video)
Zoku's Tiny Studio Apartments Only 258 sq. ft each.
City Home: MIT's 200 Sq ft Apartment Project
Amazing Ancient Tradition of Honey Hunting.
Scientists just transmitted data across a national electricity grid for the first time
WaterSeer: The Power Of Harnessing Water Out Of Thin Air
BMW’s Motorcycle Concept Is So Smart You Might Not Need a Helmet
Cleaning Metals with Laser Light
Is this the new Solar Age? Solar company develops super efficient technology
Harney Peak Fire Tower and Hiking Trail In The Black Hills
How to Make Water Glass/Sodium Silicate. A High temperature Adhesive
How To Make Activated Charcoal for Water & Air Filters
Sheep Put Out To Pasture Over Rules
Scythes are making a comback!
Honest Crafstman Shares His Story After A Mistake On His Quote To A Client
How To Build A Five Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator
Solar-Powered Expandable Eco Dwellings - Your Home Of The Future?
Fantastic Ways to Upcycle Cheese Graters
Homesteading With No Outside Income
Mysterious underground street with homes and tunnels discovered in British town (Video)
Portland’s Small-House Movement Is Catching On
Risk of big earthquake on San Andreas fault rises after quake swarm at Salton Sea
A camera was set up in the forest and fungi magic was recorded!
The Cliff Diver: Adventures in the Sea.
What Does It Mean To You To "Live Off Grid"?
The Importance and beauty of Seeds Portrayed in this Documentary
Harvesting Water From Fog!
This Sweet Dog Became A Mom To A Litter Of Orphaned Opossums
Owner of tower rides out Hurricane Matthew in middle of ocean
Travel and Money Myth: What is really stopping you from packing a bag today?
At 84 she refused to sell her house: The story that inspired "Up" the movie
School replaces detention with meditation, and the results are stunning.
Could you live in a Small or even Tiny Home?
When Is It Time To Move To Electric Vehicles?
Solar House 2.0 using passive solar techniques
How to make Mead at Home Naturally! Mmmm Delicious...
Corn Island Tree House As A Vacation Rental - Just Wow!
Take a tour: this VW Bus Motorhome was Driven From Brazil To Alaska (Video)
Logging With Horses To Protect Nature (2 pages)
Parasites and papayas~ Don't throw out the seeds!
Hurricane Matthew Prep - An 8 Day Experience of Being Cut-Off
Professional cleaners share their secrets to save you HOURS!
Back to the Land: A Photographic Essay
Pesticide Free Mosquitos and Solar Contraption
Small Kitchen Design Ideas For A Tiny Home
Medical Hackers Design $30 DIY Epipen To Protest Corporate Greed And Save Lives (Video)
Diary of a Grid Defector
Popsicle vendor, 89, can finally retire after heartbreaking photo of him at work went viral (Video)
Solar-powered car can travel 115 MILES on a single charge
Coffee Has-Beans Remove Heavy Metals from Water
Free Water: Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond (Video)
A Young Man, A Bike And The World (Video)
LIVE CHEAP - EAT FREE - A Foraging Adventure (Video)
Couple Spends 8 Years Living the Van Life & Backpacking Around the World
A First In The US ~ Bees On The Endangered Species List!
Preparing to Go Off Grid
The Cost Of Half A Billion Solar Panels Keeps Going Down, Down, Down
The Bus House Hostel - Available This Winter in Taos
Super Wind Turbine Made To Harness The Energy From A Typhoon!
Brace for frigid, snowy winter: Old Farmer's Almanac With Tips

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