DJI Spark - A 1 Pound Drone Controlled By Hand Gestures!

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Youtuber John Olson shows us his experience with the DJI Spark!

I'm an avid user and lover of the DJI Phantom IV, but the technology they have created is now moving forward into smaller designs.  They are pushing the envelope for the juice you can squeeze out of a battery, and have shown us the dependability of batteries in the air.  Now the ease of flight control is getting better and better, and I expect these new techs will be implemented into human flight versions before too long!  The momentum of battery-powered technology puts more and more companies in the battery innovation business, and all of that is moving the off-grid potential of battery energy into better and cheaper options year by year, or month by month! Watch this:  

With the cost of great drones coming down now, be sure to catch some great footage of your off grid homestead, and send me a link at !  I love to feature your great space both here and on the Living off the Grid page on Facebook!  ~Dave W.


Oh by the way... you can get DJI Spark right here on Amazon


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