One Of The Greatest Montana Homesteads I've seen!

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Uncle Ed and Aunt Ginny - It's been a while since I've seen 'em, but I remember the days gone by when they came out of Grand Junction Colorado. Uncle Ed could spot a gem of an old car, gut it, clean it up, and turn it out into a quarter of a million dollar dream mobile!  Aunt Ginny had a library like you wouldn't believe... and they were all books she had read.  Her knowledge base is amazing, and don't think I'll ever beat her in Scrabble whether I cheat or not!  The two of them, a dynamic duo of wisdom and good old fashioned ingenuity worked their way into this dream home where they maintain gardens, fruit trees, vegetables, and everything is fresh in Montana!   I assembled this little piece of their story, and their home.  I hope you like it:

The place has gone on the market, and I can't wait to share more of the story with you!  You can shoot an email over to if you want it or want to discuss the place.  I'll make sure it gets to the right hands.  

Check out the great drone footage assembled by the realtor: 

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