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How to take care of gray hair?

Tips for seniors

Gray hair significantly differs from natural hair. Their structure makes them less pleasant to the touch, brittle, often difficult to style. Previously, they were associated with signs of aging and the need for dyeing, but now more and more young people consciously choose silver strands during coloring. To make unruly strands look stylish, they need special care!

Gray hair - where does it come from?

As we age, due to physiological aging of the body, hair gradually loses its natural pigment. This happens because melanocytes (pigment cells) disappear, and as a result, the intensity of melanin (pigment) synthesis decreases. Usually, gray hair appears mainly in older people, and the process of graying does not occur at the same time for everyone: in some, it begins already at 40 years old, in others only after 60. This problem affects both seniors and senior women. In men, silver strands appear on the sides, and in women, on the hairline.

What vitamins and minerals do gray hair need?

Hair graying is an irreversible process that cannot be completely prevented. However, by following a properly balanced diet, you can slow it down. Enrich your menu with the following ingredients.

Vitamin H - prevents gray hair, improves their condition. You will find it in eggs, chicken/liver, mushrooms, or peas.

Vitamins B9 and B10 - prevent gray hair and stimulate hair growth. You can introduce B vitamins into your body not only through your diet but also through cosmetics.

Washing gray hair

With age, the activity of sebaceous glands significantly decreases, and the strands are additionally weakened by a number of environmental factors. As a result, the strands are dull, dry, and lack luster. In daily care for gray hair, focus on moisturizing! Reach for masks and conditioners that will add elasticity and softness to your hair.

How to dye gray hair?

In the past, there was only one association: gray hair = dyeing. Seniors, if you see your first silver strands, you don't have to dye your entire hair right away! You can only hide the unwanted shade, and at the same time, refresh your hairstyle a bit. How to dye gray hair?

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