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Active tourism for seniors - explore and do sports at the same time!

Traveling is something natural for people who like to experience new things. However, tourism can be not only about discovering new places, but also about doing sports. Just leave the city to engage in physical activity in a different climate, environment, and terrain. Why should seniors try active tourism at least once in their lives? Check out our article!

What is active sightseeing for seniors?

Active tourism involves traveling to places where physical activity is then undertaken. It can be hiking in the mountains, cycling, or long walks in forest or urban areas. The essence of this type of tourism is therefore active recreation in the field combined with discovering new places, admiring landscapes or monuments. How long it should last? It depends on the previously established plan and senior's preferences.

Sports sightseeing usually involves one or a few days of trips outside of one's place of residence, including abroad. If a senior plans a longer vacation, an interesting solution is a stay in a local agrotourism, which allows you to get to know the daily life of the locals. In addition to this (depending on the senior's sporting experience), active sightseeing can take on a recreational character or a more advanced one in terms of the intensity and frequency of physical activity. In this case, it is worth opting for an organized trip or going with friends.

Special events are also organized, during which a group of older people runs or walks a certain distance together. Such activity also helps to make new acquaintances.

The most important benefits of tourism for seniors

The image of a modern senior is changing dynamically because today's senior society is increasingly open to new challenges and physical activity and moves away from the model of spending whole days watching television or solving crossword puzzles. Nevertheless, routine can settle in the life of any person over the age of 60, and tourism for seniors is an excellent deviation from the daily norm. At a time when seniors have much fewer obligations than before, this activity allows them to still enjoy life, spice up everyday life, and forget about existing health problems.

Active tourism also enables socialization through contact with other people, with whom seniors can talk, exchange experiences, and experience new things together. In addition, trips organized by travel agencies, senior clubs, or third-age universities offer a rich tourist offer to sacred places, sanatoriums, spas, or wellness centers. Older people can, therefore, not only focus on physical activity (e.g., hiking in the mountains) but also on deepening their spiritual life and taking care of their mental and physical health.

The attractiveness of active tourism is also due to the complete change of environment, and even the climate. Learning about a different culture and the life of the inhabitants of a given city or country is an excellent opportunity to look at the world from a different perspective.

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